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Porsche Service

We are your Porsche specialist. We understand that seasonally your Porsche needs to have regular service maintenance, oil changes and inspections .

Porsche Repair

 We understand the nuances associated owning a Porsche as a high performance sports car and carefully managing the maintenance of it. Premier Eurocars is a preferred installer of the LN Engineering IMS Retrofit Kit for all 1999-2008 Boxsters, Caymans and 911’s. Our technicians are specifically trained on servicing all Porsche models including M96 and M97 engines. Our master technician has nearly 40 years experience working on all air cooled Porsches as well as classic 944 and 928 models. We offer the latest upgrades for all Porsches, from a new AC system for a 1984 3.2 to the new spin on oil filter system from LN for late model M96/97 cars. 

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